Integrated Project Delivery, Inc.

Peninsula Engineering is a founding partner in the firm known as Integrated Project Delivery, Inc. This is a collaborative design/build entity which provides complete design and construction for all aspects of industrial and commercial projects. Our unique approach allows a true design/build effort to afford the owner the best absolute value of engineering performed up front for the lowest overall construction cost. Our partners in this firm include:

  • PEI
  • HHCP Architects
  • Andrew General Contractors
  • Westbrook Mechanical
  • Territo Electric

Our unique delivery system allows us to guarantee maximum project price (GMP) with the completion of the design development drawings. Furthermore, we guarantee a seamless construction process with no change orders. Our fee structure is also quite unique in that the general contractor does not mark up any of the IPD partner’s cost. Our delivery system has proven itself for multidiscipline complex projects.