Our Relationships

Relationships That Prove the Test of Time

In the cyclical world of the commercial construction and design industries, firms and people come and go. While not immune to some of these changes, PEI’s emphasis on the top shelf level of service and engineering expertise has allowed us to maintain our core clients. It is with great pride that we can state the long list of repeat clients that we continue to serve today.


35 Plus Year Clients
Florida Hospital
McCree, Inc.

30 Plus Year Clients
Wally Henderson – J. Wallace & Associates, Inc., DSJ Development, Inc.
Harter Adams Architects
Kelsey Construction, Inc.
The Bywater Company
Mechanical Services, Inc.

25 Plus Year Clients
Bob Rabits – Rabits & Romano Architecture, Inc.
Guy Butler Architect
The University Club
John Chapman, AIA
Heilman Architecture
J. Nichols Group
Forum Architecture
Alan Wolfe Architect
Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock Architects, Inc.
Hugh Gonzalez – Gonzalez Heydrich Design, Inc.
Welbro Building Corporation
Schenkel & Shultz, Inc.
CC Enterprises
Williams Company

20 Plus Year Clients
Sierra Land Group
Fred M. Humphrey & Associates, Inc.
The Golf Channel
Powell Design Group
Comprehensive Energy Services
Associated Space Design
Walt Disney World
Hunton Brady Architects
Baker Barrios Architects, Inc.
SFT Facilities
Westbrook Mechanical
Territo Electric
Lamm & Co.
MRI Architects